10 Amazing Dress Ideas for your Graduation Party

November 10, 2017 Fashion Tips, Lifestyle

You have worked hard for the last few years and it is not time to graduate and move onto the next phase of life. Of course, anyone going through school is always looking forward to the day they wear the graduation gown and that square hat – mark of pride isn’t it? But face it, that is not the most glamorous outfit in your closet. Every graduand has the desire to give their graduation outfit of the day a touch of fierce class. Graduation is a stressful yet exciting time for students. But what can you wear to your graduation party? What is ideal and what is not ideal?

Make your graduation party memorable by selecting any of the following amazing dress ideas for your graduation party:

The Classic LBD

The classic little black dress (LBD) echoes the sentiments of fashionistas past and present. The LBD is an all timeless look that is considered essential to a complete wardrobe by many women as well as fashion observers. It is cut simply and often quite short. It is usually a simple yet elegant dress that can either be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For a graduation party, therefore, you could pair your classic LBD with more ornate jewelry and accessories.

Sweetheart Neckline Dress

Sweetheart Neckline dresses are beautiful and can easily be combined with a shawl or contrasting bolero.  There is a vast collection of sweetheart neckline dresses that it is never a problem to find the right one. A lot people also consider it a great ‘la minute’ option. For your graduation party, ensure the fabric has an air of glamour in them. These include fabrics like lace, chiffon and satin. Embroidered or embellished fabrics will give you that extra shimmer for your special day.

High Low Dress

High low dresses are a favorite when it comes to parties, therefore, that should not change when it comes to your graduation party. This type of dress is great for showing off your legs as they sort of act as a frame for the image your leg portrays. Go for a much paler color for your high-low dress since they look quite dainty and who wouldn’t love to achieve that?

Amazing Graduation Dress Ideas

The Elegant Two Piece

Another potential graduation party dress that is not frequently seen is a two piece – usually a crop top and skirt combination. They are less common and therefore will definitely focus the spotlight on you; the party is yours, there is no harm to take the spotlight. You can keep it in bright but not ridiculous color for that pompous and elegant chic look.

Pretty Pant Suit

We have ladies among us who despise dresses and live in their pants. They can wear upon their pants to take them to any function or any occasion. If this sounds like you, then be assured there is no harm in opting for a pretty pant suit for your graduation party. Go for a decadent or patterned suit that accentuates your looks and makes you stand out. After all, chances are all the women at your party will be in a dress. Why not stand out and wear a pant suit instead?

Ballerina Skirt

Do you want to put that edgy twist on the ballerina trend? Do you want to be the one turning heads at your graduation party? If yes, then reach out for a royal blue maxi ballerina skirt with a cool bodysuit, preferably in white. The bodysuit will help accentuate your upper body curves as it is a little body hugging. The flowing ballerina skirt will speak sophistication without using words.

A Formal Romper

Also known as a jumpsuit, you can walk into your graduation party looking like a super heroine in an elegant romper. You can complete the look with a matching cape for that epic, sophisticated look. Draw the attention of the guests at your party and leave a mark in their minds for days. Jazz things a little bit by wearing your formal romper with colorful accessories to much your fun personality.

The Little White Dress

Just like the classic little black dress, the little white dress is also here to stay because sometimes less is me. Look effortlessly lovely and elegant in a white, preferably lacy white dress. It is simple, classy and beautiful. The little white dress can be worn any body type.

Dress Ideas Graduation - Little White Dress

The Vintage Inspired Dress

If all you ever want for your graduation party is a feminine and fabulous look, then you can go for a vintage inspired dress. You can pick the dress of your choice from the past era and have it re-made just for you, for your special day. You can improve on the neckline, have it fit and flare or maintain the original vintage look. The choice is yours as long as you look elegant.

The Maxi Dress

When your graduation party is more formal, you will want to still look elegant and smart. Go for a maxi dress as it will give you the exact picture you want to portray. Your graduation party is probably the last time you will be in the same room with some of your peers, so why not go all out fancy and elegant in a full-length gown? Why not give them something to remember you by?

We all want to for an all-out glam look when it comes to graduation parties. Simply find a piece of clothing that resonates with your style preferences, body type, and more so your personality.  At the end of the day, when you look back at your graduation party photos in years to come, you will want to remember the actual party and not how you could not dance properly because your dress was restrictive. Therefore, strive for elegance and comfort as well. Ensure you wear a dress that makes it easy for you to move around as much as you can.

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