10 Best Designer Makeup Brands in Kenya

November 7, 2017 Make Up

The unwritten rule of human nature dictates that, as long as you slap a designer name on any product, then it will sell. That is how much people love designer products. But that does not necessarily make the product good. There are counterfeits all over that sell just because a designer name was slipped into the packaging. For this reason, most designer makeup brands in Kenya work hard to make their products worthy of their name.

List of 10 Best Designer Makeup Brands in Kenya

If you are going to splurge and spend your hard earned cash on a product, then it better be something of quality that is worth spending on. The following are top 10 best designer makeup brands in Kenya today:

#1 MAC

Designer Makeup Brands in Kenya - MAC

English designer, Gareth Pugh, is the owner of the designer makeup brand, MAC. His inspiration is drawn from anything and everything; from rocks to butterfly wings. MAC products include cream shadows, lip loss, lipstick, powder, eye liner, fake lashes and even makeup bag. The collection has distinct packaging; traditional MAC packaging with a geometric X embedded on it.

#2 Black Opal

Designer Makeup Brands in Kenya - Black Opal

Black Opal is the beauty of choice for the Kenyan woman with her dark skin tone. However, the brand has reiterated that the Black Opal should never be exclusively associated with black women. The product therefore also has great results for other skin tones. It has since revamped its packaging and introduced a new design for their products which include; foundation, powder, eye shadow palettes among others.

#3 Mary Kay

Designer Makeup Brands in Kenya - Mary Kay

Mary Kay is a makeup brand that has set base in Kenya and is common among Kenyan women. It is one of the largest direct sellers of advanced skin care. They also provide makeup tips and tutorials on their YouTube channel. They have a wide range of products which include: Foundation, mascara, powder, sunscreen among others.

#4 Milani

Designer Makeup Brands in Kenya - Milani

If you are looking for great makeup products at an affordable price, then Milani Products will work for you. Their beauty products include face makeup, nail color and other full range of top makeup products. Their products are created to serve women of any age, style and personality.

#5 LA Cosmetics

Designer Makeup Brands in Kenya - LA Cosmetics

This is a fun and fearless makeup brand that produce exceptional quality makeup at amazing prices. LA Cosmetics prides itself on being an expert of color and innovation enthusiasts. They offer professional makeup and beauty products like eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, primer, lipstick, lip gloss, blush, foundation and many more.

#6 Dolce and Gabbana

Designer Makeup Brands in Kenya - Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana is an Italian luxury fashion house that is known worldwide. Its cosmetic line, the Make Up, that was launched in 2009, incorporates gold in their line, both in the packaging and the actual product. Apart from clothes, their makeup line includes products like; shimmering eye shadows, nail polishes, lipstick and a fragrance.

#7 Calvin Klein

Designer Makeup Brands in Kenya - Calvin Klein

They are world famous for their jeans and bags, but the foray into beauty started on fragrance but did not stop there. CK has managed to leave a lasting stamp on makeup too, with a focus on eye shadow, among other makeup products.

#8 Burberry

Designer Makeup Brands in Kenya - Burberry

As a fashion label, Burberry has always offered omen an opportunity to be elegant and classic. The fashion line has now extended to beauty products like fragrance, lipstick and blush, from the traditional trench coat line of clothing.

#9 Huddah Cosmetics

Designer Makeup Brands in Kenya -Huddah Cosmetics

This is list cannot be complete without mentioning Huddah Monroe’s cosmetic line. Kenya’s renowned socialite turned entrepreneur Alhuda Njoroge, commonly known as Huddah Monroe recently launched her cosmetic line of lipstick in 4 brands; Royalty, King Jazmine, Vamp and Angel. She is set to extend her brand to eyeshadows.

#10 Revlon

Designer Makeup Brands in Kenya - Revlon

The Revlon makeup brand gives you the essence of feminity, beauty and creativity. Their vision and expertise is to reveal what makes every woman unique. It deals in skin care products, fragrance and personal care.

The list is not conclusive as there are more designer makeup brands in Kenya. You don’t have to look any further as you know where to get your desired products.

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