10 Celebrities that Totally Nailed Fashion in Kenya

October 26, 2017 Fashion, Lifestyle

What name comes to your mind whenever you hear fashion in Kenya? Lupita? Well, different celebrities in Kenya have stunned us over time with their fashion sense. Check out a list of 10 Kenyan celebrities below who’ve got their fashion game on point.

#1 Grace Msalame

Kenya Fashion Celebrities - Grace Msalame

Grace Msalame is known for her curvaceous body and amazing style. You’ll often find her in cute dresses, pants and the hottest shoes. When it comes to her outfits, it’s granted that Grace Msalame will always stand out for the right reasons. We love how she’s not afraid to show off her unique body shape with the latest trends.

#2 Joy Kendi

Fashion in Kenya Celebrities - Joy Kendi

The blogger and actress, Joy Kendi, has a unique and classy sense of style. We love the way she’s confident in her curves and showcases different outfits that you wouldn’t consider pairing together. Joy Kendi has a blog that you can rush to for fashion tips and ideas.

#3 Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta

Kenya Fashion Celebrities - Margaret Kenyatta

Kenya’s First Lady is certainly one amazing woman to watch when it comes to her sense of style. She’s very unpredictable in her fashion, but you can be rest assured that she’ll have the perfect outfit for any occasion. She’s made airwaves for her nice sense of fashion before and it’s no secret that she’s among the women in her 50s with a remarkable style.

#4 Kathy Kiuna

Fashion in Kenya Celebrities - Pastor Kathy Kiuna

Kathy Kiuna, a controversial Kenyan minister, is well known for her amazing fashion sense. For a woman her age, she certainly knows how to dress and make heads turn for all the right reasons. You’ll find her in African-inspired outfits, the latest dresses and shoes to-die-for. We love how she inspires middle-aged women to dress in a striking and respectful way.

#5 Julie Gichuru

Kenya Fashion Celebrities - Julie Gichuru

The TV presenter always makes a fashion statement with her simple yet elegant style. Julie Gichuru knows just how to pair up clothes that match her skin tone and body shape. She’s one of the few TV presenters that you can say know how to maintain a decent yet appealing style on the screen. We love Julie Gichuru’s fashion sense because she takes simplicity to a whole new level.

#6 Muthoni Njomba

Kenya Fashion Celebrities - Muthoni Njomba

Muthoni Njomba is well-known for her amazing fashion taste. You’ll often find her in a beautiful dress that matches perfectly with her flawless makeup. She can wear anything and look absolutely breathtaking. Muthoni is certainly one of the style icons in Kenya to watch out for.

#7 Anabelle Onyango

Kenya Fashion Celebrities - Anabelle Onyango

Anabelle is a top fashion stylist in Kenya who made waves when she did her wedding last year. From her wedding gown to the bridesmaids’ dresses and what the guests wore, her wedding was the perfect definition of class and edge. She runs her own blog Dressupnation and continues to leave us speechless with her great fashion sense.

#8 Diana Opoti

Fashion in Kenya Celebrities - Diana Opoti

If you always want to keep up to date with the hottest trends in the fashion industry, Diana Opoti is one formidable fashionista to watch. One thing about her is that she really promotes African designers. Some of her best looks are African-inspired. We love her simplicity and elegance.

#9 Akothee

Kenya Fashion Celebrities - Akothee

Akothee is a controversial singer in Kenya who is well known for her beautiful dark skin and toned body that most women wish to have. You’ll spot Akothee wearing short shorts, stunning bandage dresses and other bold outfits. It’s safe to say that she is one of the Kenyan celebrities with a remarkable style.

#10 Brenda Wairimu

Fashion in Kenya Celebrities - Brenda Wairimu

The Kenyan actress and model is known for pulling off bold and daring looks. Married to a top gospel rapper, Brenda Wairimu has maintained her unique and attractive sense of style even after giving birth last year. She’s very unpredictable when it comes to her fashion choices. We always anticipate an interesting look which perfectly suits her body type.

Celebrities and Fashion in Kenya

There’s no shortage of fashion celebrities in Kenya. We love these women because they’ve shown us how to be comfortable regardless of your shape and dress in decent yet elegant outfits. Who’s your favorite fashion icon in Kenya? We’d love to know.

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