6 Mistakes to Avoid when you Buy Clothes Online in Kenya

September 7, 2017 Fashion Tips, Lifestyle

Shopping for clothes online is very common nowadays. Consumers prefer to shop online because you can do this despite your location. The flexibility makes online shopping the best option for consumers. You also cannot dispute that there is a diversity that is of utmost importance when you buy clothes online in Kenya. We cannot forget to mention convenience, and with this comes the ease that shopping online brings to consumers.

With the current ban on polythene bags in Kenya, the hassle of packaging is pushed to the customers. However, you do not need to worry about packaging when buying clothes online. You can buy impulsively online and have the clothes delivered to your home.

Since you will shop for clothes online, either for business or personal use, it is important to know how to do this effectively. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts when shopping online for clothes in Kenya:

#1 Take your Time when Buying Clothes Online

It is advisable to purchase clothes when you are not in a hurry. Chances are that you might not find the best dress online if you plan to wear it the same day. Taking your time allows you to visit different stores and consider what they offer without rushing. Some things to consider include special discounts available and prices. Understand the bottom line before making a purchase. For instance, you might find that dresses in one store are cheaper than others because they do not charge shipping. Other stores charge shipping and offer insurance depending on your location. Always check the bottom line at the end of the cart.

#2 Do not Shop for Clothes you already have

Don’t buy what you have in your closet. The ease of purchasing clothes online makes it so tempting and you might find yourself shopping every day. This is especially true if you are looking for bargain prices because you are bound to find them. Just because there is a sale on shoes does not mean that you need ten pairs of the same shoe. It is also not smart to purchase something just because someone else has it. Only consider making purchases for what you need.

#3 Compare Different Online Stores in Kenya

Do compare all the time. Never ever buy clothes online in one store without making comparisons with other stores. Say your friend found an amazing dress at half price in one store. Before considering the very same store, it is always better to look at what other stores are offering. In the end, you might end up saving more money and perhaps finding a dress that is ten times better quality.

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#4 What Size of Clothes have you chosen?

Do always check the sizes before clicking on the purchase button. The last thing you want to do is to purchase a dress and wait for it to get to you only to realize it’s a size smaller. This can be very disappointing especially if you were planning to wear it as soon as it is delivered. All clothing stores have size options on garments. Once you like a particular garment, make sure that the garment is available in your size.

#5 Some Clothes are not for all Body Types

Do not buy a garment that does not suit your body type. Just because jumpsuits are the current trend does not mean it will flatter your body? Before making a purchase, consider the body type of the model displaying the dress. If it looks good on her, it might not be the same for you if your body type is different. Different is unique and this is why you need to purchase what suits you. Most online stores in Kenya might not have models who have every body type. A way to find out if a garment will suit you is to look at shopping hauls on the internet from fashion bloggers who have the same body type as you.

#6 Confirm your Cart before Check Out

Do check what you are paying for before adding your credit card details. Sometimes, you might click on an item twice and you probably preferred one of this item. These mistakes happen. You can also like an item and change your mind at the last minute. Most stores offer editing options before finalizing the shopping cart. Make sure that you countercheck your shopping cart before making payments.

Last Thought when you Buy Clothes Online in Kenya

The final thing that you need to do when you buy clothes online in Kenya is to make a list of what you need and purchase these early. For instance, you can start to make your Christmas purchases off season, probably in October. Purchasing off season means that you will get the best deals since the demand is lower compared to during the holidays. If you are late in making a purchase, this should not discourage you. Take advantage of discounts during these special occasions. Online shopping in Kenya is definitely going to change shopping as we know it in Kenya, but we need to be careful to avoid the mistakes above.

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