The Best Way to Choose your Makeup in Kenya

November 17, 2017 Make Up

It is quite intimidating to walk into a beauty shop to buy makeup products – mostly because sometimes you are not sure what will work for you and what will not. Sometimes there is something you need but you have no idea how it is called. The good thing however is that, buying that makeup product that you have always wanted can make your frustrations go away. Beauty products are available all over the city giving you enough options to pick from.

Tips on How to Choose your Makeup in Kenya

It does not matter what makeup product you are looking for, the following tips can help you find just about the best makeup product in Kenya for your skin type:

Perform a research before buying your Makeup

It is not wrong to walk into a beauty shop with no idea of what you need, because after all, there are sales representatives who will help you find the best beauty products, but again, you do not need to be so blank. Thanks to the internet, you can now do your own research, find out what your skin type is, know what beauty products best suit your skin type, know whether your skin usually have allergic reactions before setting out to buy any makeup in Kenya. You do not have to buy any product just because it is in the market, it is the newest trend or because all your friends have it. Buy that product because it suits you.

Find out the different makeup brands available

Many women in Kenya today are now embracing the idea of using makeup products available in Kenya to enhance their beauty. Kindly note that there are different brands that offer the makeup products that you may be in need of. Note also that there are genuine and counterfeit products with the same brand name. Be vigilant enough to be able to differentiate between a genuine product and a fake one. It will save you a disastrous effect should you go for a cheaper and fake option. Ensure you buy your products form established and trusted brands.

How to Choose your Makeup in Kenya

Ask the sales representative questions

When you walk into a beauty shop, you are sure to meet sales representatives. They are well trained and knowledgeable in matters makeup. Be sure to ask as many questions as you can, that is why they are there, to answer your questions, attend to your concerns and help you get value for your money. They are always ready to help, find out about the different brands, and if you have no idea what your skin type is, they will be there to help you with that too.

Consult a dermatologist if you must

We have experts all in all fields everywhere we go and skin experts are available too. It is not a crime not to know everything that is why the experts are there to help you. Before you set out to buy any makeup products in Kenya, you can book an appointment with a dermatologist who can address all your concerns. This is especially true with those who have a sensitive skin, but would still like to use makeup products. The dermatologist will take you through a series of lessons that will help you in the process of selecting the best beauty products for your skin type and skin tone.

Before buying you can sample the products you need

Getting a sample of the product you want to buy is the perfect way to test the product and see if it works for you. Asking for samples also helps you find out if it is a genuine product or a fake. The good thing with the genuine distributors is that, they are usually willing to give out samples because they value their customers.

Take your friend with you

The opinion of a trusted friend matters a lot in many instances. Find one of your friends who you can trust to be honest with you. They can not only help you get the best products at a bargain but will also help you discern whether the product you are about to purchase suits your skin type and skin tone. You might also tag along that friend who is more knowledgeable than you are. They will help you find just the perfect fit for you.

There is no one way fits all, even, in makeup products. You need to understand that there are different skin types and skin tones, thus require different makeup products for the same. Therefore, the best way to choose makeup in Kenya is to know what you want to achieve and also know what your skin type is. This way, you are guaranteed a makeup product that will last you for long, without any negative effects to your skin.

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