How to Choose Designer Cosmetics and Perfumes

November 10, 2017 Beauty Products

Every single day, women go out of their way to find beauty products that leave them looking young and glowing. Each day also brings new and exciting products that promise to change the face of the beauty industry in Kenya. There is usually a magnitude of new products in the market, and the challenge becomes knowing which product is worth the money you are willing to spend and which ones are not. Finding quality designer cosmetics and perfumes can prove to be a challenge amid all the options available.

Top 5 Tips to Choose Designer Cosmetics and Perfumes in Kenya

If you are wondering how to choose cosmetics and perfumes in Kenya, look no further than the list below:

Do your research on designer perfumes and cosmetics

Before you set out to choose any fragrance, do your personal search. Ask yourself a few key questions. You need to know the kind of perfume you need, whether it is an everyday wear or you need one to wear only in the evening, or at night when you go to bed (yes, there are people who cannot sleep without wearing perfume). Do you need an office signature or one to wear over the weekend? What type of perfume you prefer or if you need to change from what you wear now, you need to ask yourself why you need to change. That way, you will be able to find just the right perfume.

Always trust your beauty gut

Forget about the pretty packaging that most perfumes and cosmetics come in, don’t even mind about the cool designer or the perfect model or celebrity on the front of the packaging. That by far, will make you feel fabulous, using a product that is being modeled by your favorite personality. Simply go for the product because you like it and not because of the packaging. For instance, if it is a perfume, go for it because you like how it smells on you. A fragrance is usually a physical affair so if you like it at first spritz, then you have found your confidence boosting scent, go for it.

Designer Cosmetics and Perfumes

Test the product before you buy

Test one of your favorite scents on your skin and let it settle. If it still feels right at the end of the day, then you have just found the one. Also test it on the people you care about and hear what they have to say about, but the most important thing out testing any cosmetic product or fragrance is to check it does boost our confidence like it should. Remember, it is about you and the statement you want to make, so if it gives you confidence and makes you feel fabulous, go for it.

Build your own fragrance wardrobe

We all desire to have a signature style and scent that is only unique to us. It is not wrong to desire that and it is even a great idea to set up your own fragrance wardrobe. It is perfectly normal to go from one fragrance to another because most people wear perfume to boost their confidence and/or to match their mood. So, build your fragrance wardrobe by having selected few fragrances not a disastrous clutter of every fragrance you come around.

Follow the tricks of the trade

When choosing the best perfume that matches your personality, apply it to the warm spots on your body; wrists, neck, behind your knees and to your ankles. This way, the perfume will blend in with your natural oils faster and create that signature scent that everyone wants to have. You may realize sometimes, that your fragrance evaporates too fast, leaving you ‘naked’. When this happens, the tricks of trade dictate that you mix a couple drops of the perfume to a scent-free moisturizer and apply all over your body.

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