How to Choose the Right Party Dress for the Kenyan Girl

November 20, 2017 Lifestyle

From office wear to slightly more elegant affairs, our calendars are filling up fast with holiday parties. As much as we are looking forward to the festive fun, we are also facing the inevitable question; what to wear? Every Kenya girl wants to look as chic as possible at any function, but also wants to be comfortable in clothes that both dazzle and flatter; and that is where the challenge comes in. There are so many dress styles and choices available in the market making it hard for one to find the perfect dress for a party in record time and of course at a good price.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Party Dress for the Kenyan Girl

The Kenyan girl can however rest knowing there are tips that can help ease the burden of finding a perfect fit dress at a reasonable price. The following are tips on how to choose the right party dress for the Kenyan girl:

Dress for the Occasion

The formality of the party you are attending is the first thing to put into consideration when finding the perfect dress. While men’s dress codes are fairly rigid, the Kenyan woman generally has a little more flexibility when choosing a dress. The length, color and fabric are factors that help determine the formality of the party. A formal event like an office or business party require floor-length evening gowns, casual parties like a baby shower or a friend’s birthday can go well with knee-length dresses while cocktail parties fall in semi-formal kind of dressing.

Party Dresses in Kenya

Choose your Fabric Wisely

Pay attention to the dress fabric as well because all fabrics are not suitable for all parties. For instance a cotton fabric is very casual and not appropriate for cocktail parties of any other semi-formal events. A formal party dress is often made from silk, satin or synthetic fabrics.

Consider your Body Shape

Body shape is one of the factors that is easily ignored when looking for the perfect fit party dress. We are of different shapes and sizes and must therefore dress to accentuate our best features. There are five basic body shapes that determine the style of dress that best compliments the body type. The different shapes are the pear, inverted triangle, rectangle, apple and hourglass.

Make a Statement with Fashion Accessories

Many people buy accessories alongside a party dress; shoes, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and a purse are all part of a complete outfit. However, it is important to note that not all of them are necessary with every dress. The rule of the thumb is always to check what the focal point of the dress is, then accessorize appropriately. For instance, if the dress is simple, you can go for large earrings to draw the eyes of the observer to a single location. Also use minimal jewelry if the dress is already ornate.

Versatility and Cost

These are two factors that should balance when choosing a party dress for the Kenyan girl. A versatile dress, like the little black dress,  is worth paying more for because it can be used for many different occasions unlike a dress that will cost you more, yet may never leave your closet again for years. When on a tight budget, you can easily accessorize your versatile LBD in different ways and still look classy.

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Nothing ruins a party like feeling under-dressed, overdressed or poorly dressed. To avoid this, take time to consider all the factors that go into choosing a party dress for that upcoming party. Keeping to a budget and getting the best value for your money is also important. By choosing the right dress and accessorizing it correctly, the Kenyan woman can look good, eel at and have a blast at the party!

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