Monday to Saturday Kenya Fashion Tips in the Office

September 4, 2017 Fashion Tips

How you dress is how you’ll be addressed. We couldn’t agree further. What you wear to work on a daily basis reflects your personality and the kind of perception your colleagues will have about you. That’s why we are to bring you the latest Kenya fashion tips in the office.

Toss out those old and boring suits you wear to the office. It’s time to play around with fashion and take style to the workplace. Let’s go!

Monday Glam

Kick off the Monday blues with a super glam outfit. A solid colored jumpsuit would work really well on a Monday. Go for a color like pink or green. A bold color that will quickly transform your day from “Monday Blues” to “Monday Glam”. The tip here is to pair that casual work outfit with some nice pair of heels. Other than a jumpsuit, you can wear a smart feminine top with a blazer and fitting pants. Don’t forget to play around with the accessories. The shoes and bags can be of a similar color depending on your taste. One unique idea is to match the color of your shoes to that of your lipstick.

Classic Tuesday

As the meetings for the week are slowly catching up, you need to dress the part. On Tuesday, rock that floral knee-height dress. You can pair it with some plain black heels and minimize accessories. A little black dress with a classic blazer can do too. If you love to wear skirts to work, you can also pull off a classic look with a plain short skirt and a funky top. Remember to wear some heels if your skirt is way above the knees. But don’t go too short to the office. At the end of the day, you want to maintain decency and let people remember you for the right reasons. Just try to keep it short and sweet.

Effortless Wednesdays

You know that girl in the office who looks sharply dressed without any effort? That’s the kind of outfit we want you to wear to work on Wednesday. A good look would be pants with pinstripes. Pinstripes are such a professional print plus they tend to make your legs appear longer and slimmer. You’ll find pinstripe pants readily available in online stores today. Pair the pants with a clean blouse with buttons that run from the neckline to the waist. The best part about this look, it works just as great for after-hours events. Wear your pinstripes pants when you are going out for dinner after work. You’ll never look too formal in a casual occasion.

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Sophisticated Thursday

It’s almost Friday so how about you show your sophisticated fashion sense? We have just the perfect look for you. There’s really no need to play it safe- even when it comes to office wear. Wear a pencil skirt with a sleeveless top that extends to the edges of the shoulders and a classic trench coat. Remember, spaghetti straps are not allowed in the office. They simply look too causal. Look for a sleeveless chiffon top and ensure the pencil skirt is slightly below the knee. Complete the look with a bold-colored heel and you’ll keep everyone staring at the office. Don’t forget to accessorize too. A simple chain and signature watch should do the trick.

Funky Fridays

Friday is finally here. What better time to show off your funky outfits to work. You don’t have to go all the way and dress like you’re going to the club. You can combine that tight pair of skinny jeans with a blazer to make it look slightly formal. You can even wear your usual cotton pants to work but pair it with your casual leather jacket. You’re allowed to wear some flatties on Friday. After all, your legs need a rest.

Saturday Chic

If you still have to work on Saturdays, consider yourself lucky since you can go all the way and wear a casual outfit. Here’s where the Demin top and tights would look really cool on you. If your office dress code allows, you can wear a simple floral dress that slightly below the knee and accessorize with a funky necklace. Some open shoes would really go well with this outfit.

P:S Make sure you let your hair down.

Work Style Tips

There’s really no excuse to look drab when dressing to work. With the Kenya fashion tips in the office we’ve given above, you can play around with all you have in your closet and look as sophisticated and funky as you like. So, go on and start paring up your next work outfits with the tips above in mind.

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