How to Shop for Official Dresses in Kenya

November 16, 2017 Fashion Tips

If you just landed an office job and you already have an appropriate wardrobe then you are set. On the other hand, if you go through your wardrobe and all you see are jeans, T-shirts and one borrowed suit then there is a problem. You will need to change your wardrobe and get the appropriate wardrobe for an office setting, without necessarily breaking the bank. You can quickly assemble official dresses by using a few fashion tips and by shopping smart. The key is to assemble a wardrobe that you can wear every week without it being obvious that you have only a week’s who of official clothing.

Top 5 Ways to shop for official dresses in Kenya

Women love to shop, that is a fact that need no arguments. But sometimes we need help on how to shop for official dresses in Kenya. Below is a list of ideas that might come in handy next time you head out to the market to buy some official dresses:

Try shopping alone

It is always a good idea to go shopping with a trusted friend so that they can help you get the best bargain for that dress you are eyeing, or they can help you find the perfect fit. But sometimes it is advisable to go out shopping alone. That way, only your opinion matters regarding the dresses you choose to take home with you.

Shop for Official Dresses in Kenya

Consider the other clothing items you have in your closet

Before you set out shopping for official dresses, look through your closet and consider what you already have. Find out if the jackets or shawls you have can match the design and the color of the dress you are about to buy. There is no point buying a dress that you will n wear for a while simply because you do not have any other accessory in your closet to pair it with. Also scan your closet just in case you are tempted to buy a dress that is similar to what you already have. There is no need having two of the same dress in your closet.

Look out for a versatile dress

Before you buy that dress, find out if it is a seasonal dress or an all-weather one. Is it one that you can only wear during the cold season or only during the warmer days? The best items in our closets should be the ones that can be worn in different ways depending on the season or weather. For instance, you can go for a dress that works barelegged, with wedges during the warmer seasons and one with a turtleneck, stockings and boots during the cooler days.

Don’t buy a dress without trying it out

This is why there are dressing rooms. You are free to try on every dress that catches your eye. Clothes look so different on your body than they do on the hanger, so don’t just assume it fits you, try it on and be sure that it does fit you right. Try it on and look at yourself in the mirror to see if it is really good on you before you purchase it.

Buy for your current body type

The major mistake that most people make when out shopping for a dress is buying a dress for the body they want and not for the body they have. It does not help buying a dress a size or two small/big only to end up keeping it in your closet for years because it does not fit right. Be sure to buy a dress that fits your current body size even as you work towards the body you desire.

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