Shop Online for Ladies Wallets and Clutch Bags in Kenya - Wholesale

Amazingly Decorated Evening

W/Sale. Ksh.1,650.00 Single Ksh.1,850.00

Artistic Clutch Bag

W/Sale. Ksh.1,290.00 Single Ksh.1,490.00

Authentic Clutch Bags

W/Sale. Ksh.1,090.00 Single Ksh.1,290.00

Beautiful Pu Clutch Bags

W/Sale. Ksh.1,090.00 Single Ksh.1,290.00

Brown clutch bag

Brown Clutch Bag


Butterfly Ladies Sling Bag

W/Sale. Ksh.1,890.00 Single Ksh.2,290.00

Casual Clutch With Lock

W/Sale. Ksh.1,100.00 Single Ksh.1,300.00

Chess Ladies Wallet

W/Sale. Ksh.950.00 Single Ksh.1,150.00

Clasp Ladies Wallet

W/Sale. Ksh.1,050.00 Single Ksh.1,250.00

Classy All Time Wallet

W/Sale. Ksh.1,050.00 Single Ksh.1,250.00

Clutch Wallet Purse

W/Sale. Ksh.950.00 Single Ksh.1,150.00

Crocodile Skin Wallet

W/Sale. Ksh.1,090.00 Single Ksh.1,290.00

Crossbody Dotted Clutch

W/Sale. Ksh.1,300.00 Single Ksh.1,500.00

D-gold Design Clutch Bag

W/Sale. Ksh.1,090.00 Single Ksh.1,290.00

Date Night Evening Bag

W/Sale. Ksh.1,550.00 Single Ksh.1,750.00

Deco Silver Clutch Bags

W/Sale. Ksh.1,250.00 Single Ksh.1,450.00

Designer Ladies Wallet

W/Sale. Ksh.950.00 Single Ksh.1,150.00

Double Crocodile Wallet

W/Sale. Ksh.950.00 Single Ksh.1,150.00

Emillie Wallet

W/Sale. Ksh.3,799.00 Single Ksh.3,999.00

Evening Ladies Clutch Bag

W/Sale. Ksh.1,650.00 Single Ksh.1,850.00

Evening Ladies Wallet

W/Sale. Ksh.950.00 Single Ksh.1,150.00

Evening Shiny Cluth Bag

W/Sale. Ksh.1,490.00 Single Ksh.1,690.00

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